What is the best herb grinder for you?

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Whether you’re rolling your cigarettes, ruptured nice to enjoy your favorite bong or a draw Madhya, you will be better for your grass prepping meet quality grinder than your fingers or a pair of scissors. Make good use of the grinder general size and even better your final product consistency that today we will compare the different types of grinders, and talk about what makes a good herb grinder!

Grinder Material


Wood Grinders

Wood mills are usually relatively inexpensive and offer a kind of natural feeling due to the simple design and have wooden main building material


  • Inexpensive.
  • Natural feeling.


  • Grinder teeth tend to be metal rods that are not really sharp and hence not optimal for good grind .
  • There is no real way to clean it without damaging the wood.
  • Teeth can break rather easily.

Acrylic Grinder

These mills actually look like pieces of clear plastic and quite cheap. They do not tend to consider very body of the grinder and teeth all one solid piece


  • Inexpensive.
  • Teeth better than the wood grinder.
  • need to break it up a bit more before you start grinding.


  • Looks quite cheap.
  • Teeth are not sharp.
  • You may need to break it up a bit more before you start grinding

Electric grinders

Grinder has made specifically to grind grass as well as tried and true coffee grinders kitchen island you find a store near you. These mills can vary in quality from one to another, so we just consider the principle of the item as well as things that are consistent from one another.


  • Blades are usually nice and sharp –  which means that your grass will be properly sliced ​​into pieces.


  • These mills are often a bit more expensive.
  • Inconsistency – your grass can be ground to a powder and the rest still need more time.
  • Mechanical failure.
  • More difficult to clean.

Metal Grinder

Metal grinders usually made of aluminium or zinc alloy and teeth are one with the body of the grinder.


  • Shape teeth (depends on the brand).
  • Very durable & reliable.
  • Cleaned easily.


  • More expensive than grinders of wood and acrylic (but it is an investment in quality).


Grinder number of pieces


Not all grinders same number of pieces also involved in virtually mill. Number of pieces involved in the grinder can make a big difference in the grinder performs well. In this section we will talk about grinders with different numbers of pieces and how it changes the experience burnout.

1-Piece mills (grinder / grater cards)

These grinders are more like a cheese grater . This is usually the size of a business card. These can be comfortable when it comes to the ability to carry it around, but they are far from deceased persons when it comes to actually tahini. Cheese graters work because the cheese is quite firm and hard, so you can shave some of the grater, but grass is a completely different story. It’s softer and lack of rigidity makes it really difficult to grind your grass properly. The result is quite consistent grind and experience rather than annoying. You also need to watch your fingers. No one likes their basic grass leather.

Grinder 2-Piece

Grinders use only two pieces are the most basic form of grinder you can get. What ended up happening is that you put your grass into the grinder and turn the top, bottom or both (but in opposite directions) to grind your grass. When you feel like your grass is ground enough, but if you are not careful you can end your grinding through the grass past the consistency you prefer, then you’ll need to pay attention when you’re grinding to make sure you avoid it.

3-Piece GrindersWhat do great good Grinder – Grinder metal 3-Piece

These grinders take things step further and add holes to the bottom piece of the mill leading to the space between the second and third piece of the second. The size of the holes in deciding how substantial fine top two cells have to be before it falls way to avoid further grinding. If the size of the holes correctly, you can put your grass at the top of the mill, the mill started grinding with right side up, and then continue up until after you stop feel resistance as you grind. When you open the cell bottom, you’ll find all your grass perfectly and cell crush the top will be more or less empty. This is a decent choice, but there is one type of mill which is better than that!

Grinders 4 Piece

These grinders take what you already have and add a new element to it to improve the overall functionality of the appliance. Among -4 grinder piece and the second piece is a piece grinder with this screen. This mesh screen grab what brew at the top of the grinder and fell through the holes and lets it rest on the screen is ready for use as fine particles slip through the screen and the bottom of the appliance. As you increasingly grinds grass, you pick up more and more of these particles at the bottom of the appliance. Once it is full, you can scratch the strong particles are used in the recipe, maybe to make butter, milk, or fat which is imbued with the properties of herbs chosen your grinder and grind!

Grinders 5-Piece

These do exist, despite how it may seem illogical. You may be wondering what could possibly add a grinder by point further improve on this design. The answer is, not much. These mills to add a second screen below the screen you would typically find grinder 4 piece mesh screen that has this subtle than the last. The logic used here is that the particles fall through, the cream of the cream is sifted out and left at the bottom so that when you use in what is at the bottom of the appliance, you use anything but (Hardy-Har best -har things). We do not really see the point of this network screens grinder 4 parts to do a good enough job for all the fans out. Another piece of overly indulgent.

Grinder diameter

Some people might want a super grinder they can move around with ease and grind on the road, while others may want something that approaches the size of a dinner plate. We think that the main question you need to ask your self is How much do you have to grind in one session?

Large mills will of course be able to hold much more and be able to grind a lot more in one shot more smaller grinder. If you need to grind a lot as quickly as possible, and you do not have to do it from your home, it would be a good idea to use a large grinder.

On the other hand, if you think you need to use your grinder to walk a lot, or just do not have the space, and only need to grind smaller amounts in one sitting, you’d be better served by a standard-sized or smaller-sized grinder.

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