Welcome to Shtriker!

We specialize in high quality and elegant looking spice and herb grinders.

Our grinders are extremely popular for their superior design and reliable fabrication. 

When it comes to your herbs, trust only the best.

Don’t just settle for those cheaply made grinders anymore! And you definitely don’t have to pay three times as much for products that charge you extraordinarily for a brand name.

Seeking for quality.

We at Shtriker are proud to offer you 100% durable, elegant and affordable grinders. If you are looking for quality material, efficient grinder with a stylish look which is available on a price that will not burn your wallet then Shtriker is the answer to all your grinding needs.

Invest in a high quality.

Herb grinder like Shtriker will last for many many years.

Shtriker herb grinders are made from solid zinc or aluminuim – a heavy duty and reliable material that will never let you down.  Because it is made from high quality materials, you are assured of getting medical grade performance and clean herbs without impurities. 

Will keep up with your demands.

Simply go for a top-notch product that can keep up with your demands, whether for culinary or for medical herb purposes. Shtriker products are powerful yet elegant and can fulfil all your kitchen herbs grinding tasks smoothly and efficiently. 

Spices, herbs and tobacco

Our Shtriker grinder is efficient for cutting culinary herbs or tobacco.

The diamond-shaped teeth or shredders are designed to provide precision cuts which give you the fluffiest herb output. 

You can choose from a variety of available sizes to suit your needs.

Behind the scenes.

Our team is a unique bunch of bright, focussed and talented individuals who enjoy working hard, love challenges and believe in bringing you the best experience possible.

Refund policy

We are committed to deliver premium quality products! 

Our satisfaction guarantee gives you 60 days to make sure your purchase was perfect.

If you want to return it for any reason, we'll happily provide you with an exchange or full refund.

Therefore ,if you are not completely satisfied, contact our customer support service (https://shtriker.com/contact-us/) department and they will be happy to assist you

We'll make sure you have a product you love!