Large Herb Grinder With Herb Box

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    With diameter of 3.0 inches and height of 1.7 inches this grinder is the best choice for most people.
    Powerful magnetized lids to ensure that no herb gets wasted from accidental lid opening.
    A plastic glide ring on the grinder’s exterior helps the user turn the grinder smoothly.
    Shtriker grinders are solid zinc construction with super-sharp, diamond-shaped teeth, which makes them durable and Massive, yet compact
    Pollen scrapper is included with every grinder.
    Best Grinder for Kief! Shtriker grinder comes with a kief catcher compartment on the bottom with a screen above it. This screen filters out the buds and you will notice tiny amounts of dust or kief there.
  • HERB BOX – Every grinder comes in herb box that can be later be used to keep your herbs or the grinder.
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Durable and elegant 4-piece large herb grinder by Shtriker.

With diameter of 3.0 inches and height of 1.7 inches this is one of the best choices for most people that are looking for large herb grinder.

Massive, yet compact:
* Best construction: both compartments and teeth. Efficient and smooth grinding:
* Powerful magnetized lid.
* Strong and super-sharp.
* Diamond-shaped teeth.
* Including o-ring between layers 3-4 to reduce friction.

Pollen compartment:
* Layer #3 is a special pollen screen that separates the pollen from the leaves.
* Layer #4 is pollen compartment.
* Pollen scrapper is included with every grinder.

Shtriker grinders are large, powerful, durable yet are elegant and affordable. Over the past years our products have gained wide recognition through their excellent design and reliable construction.

Herb grinder instructions:
Step 1. Remove the magnetic lid of the uppermost section and place your herbs onto the teeth and close the lid
Step 2. Rotate the lid repeatedly to grind the herbs giving it about 5 good turns in each direction. Then, peak under the lid to make sure all the herbs have make it through to the next section. If not, give it a few more turns in each direction and check again.
Step 3. Before opening the grinder, give it a little sideways shake to even out the ground up herbs so they don’t spill out when you open it. This also helps more kief fall into the kief catcher at the bottom.
Step 4. Unscrew the main compartment and enjoy the perfectly ground herbs.
Step 5. After a few uses, kief will collect in the bottom most compartment and it may be collected by unscrewing the screen section

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